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Team of TechTutorial welcomes you to the website. Here you can get tutorials on Programming Language C++, Qt 4 & database like Oracle. For time being we are providing only C++, Qt 4 and Oracle. As the time will pass and we will grow, we will add different tutorials, as and when needed by readers. For more Information you can read following columns to know how to browse through the website.

Why TechTutorial

You must be wondering why to prefer TechTutorial, while there is a lot of other tutorial websites available on internet to do the same task. Well, answer to this question is simple and clear that, we have created this website to provide tutorials, which is easier to learn, you can mail us your doubts and problems throughout the course and you will get back the answers and response as soon as possible by the authors.

How to access the tutorials

It is very easy to access the tutorials on the website. You can visit the Tutorial page and select the course you wanted to access. Other way you can put your mouse over Tutorials on navigation bar of website, it will pop out the index of the course present in the website, then click on the course you want to access.

Only eligibility to access the tutorials is , you must be a member of the TechTutorial. It is easy, free and will take maximum 3 minutes to get registered and enrolled. To register click here.

How to contact us

If you are new to TechTutorial and having some queries so you can visit contact us page and send your queries.

For members, who wanted to send questions and clarify their doubts throughout the course,  please send your questions to and It's a humble request to members that please don't use query page. As you know we are using free web server. So, It has a lot of limitations. So, please don't flood. Let the genuine queries reach us.

For members, please read the instructions how to send the mail so that we can figure out the their problems more easily and can reply back them soon.


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  • TechTutorial website published now on 13-feb-2011
  • TechTutorial C++ Tutorial updated now
  • Rashi Bareja  joined TechTutorial for C++ Tutorial
  • New Author Shrabantee K Singh joined us on 22-Aug-2011

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